Challenge Your Thinking

Has anyone ever challenged your thinking?  My thinking has been challenged by five important people in this world over the course of the last few days while in Orlando, Florida.  One of the most profound challenges was asking myself WHY.  Why am I afraid to take action on things that are a must for my current life situation?  Why is it important for me to care what others think about me?  Why do I insist on allowing myself to be treated in an unprofessional manner in the workplace?  Why do I want to empower others?  Do you ask yourself these questions?  I bet you do or have at some point in your life.  

Instead of spending time on those silly FaceBook challenges and quizzes, take time to focus on challenging your thinking with these questions (and the ones above):

  1. Describe a day in your life - as if you truly loved and valued yourself. What would be different?
  2. What do you need to "Just let go!" of?
  3. Where do you just need to stop procrastinating and "Just do it!"

Just like we have to challenge our bodies to run marathons, we must challenge our thinking to change our lives!


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