Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone

adventures comfort zone Jun 20, 2019

I am always looking for ways to get outside of my comfort zone.  You know the one – stay in the house, binge watch Netflix or just surf social media.  It’s so much easier to just sit and do this than it is to try something new - something that brings excitement, lessons, new skills and passion to my life. 

Life is too short to just stand on the sidelines and let it pass me by.  That is one of the reasons I walked away from a 17-year career with the federal government and moved over 3500 miles away from the only life I had ever known – I wanted to try something new.  I wanted to build my own business.  

Life is not a spectator sport, yet many of us treat it as such.  I want to be where the action is.  I want to make every moment in my life count.  The only way I can do this – get out of the house and just go for the scary new adventure.  Delving into totally unfamiliar territories expands my limits. In the process, I learn new skills, meet new friends, discover new talents and ignite new passions.

 Even if I don’t have the time or money to travel often, I can find new adventures right in my own backyard (and they don’t have to cost me a dime – something which I am closely monitoring – if I’m not careful, I will turn into one of those people I used to make fun of growing up – a MISER).  MeetUp, EventBrite, Neighbor Next Door and the newspaper are great resources to find activities that are happening in the community.  

Today, I continue to choose to actively seek new adventures, do something I have never done before, and relish every moment of it.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How much time do I spend just sitting and watching life pass me by?
  2. Do I seek new adventures, including those outside of my comfort zone?
  3. What can I try for my next adventure?

Wishing you empowerment, 




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