Time To Let Go!

let go share spring clean Apr 01, 2019

The change of the season at this time of the year usually means ”out with the old and in with the new.” How many times do we root around the shed, attic, basement or garage and tell ourselves that we need to get rid of whatever is in there because it hasn’t seen the light of day in years - but hang on to it anyways because - well, it might come in handy someday!

I gotta tell you - someday is here. Find a home for that old bicycle, Christmas Tree decorations, dishes, clothes, televisions, books, etc.  There is someone out there that could really use what is just sitting there collecting dust, cobwebs and other critters! 

I recently emptied the contents of a 5x8 storage unit of things I had stored a year ago when I had a major life changing experience that caused me to downsize my home (I will tell you that story - one day). I finally accepted that I was wasting money on storage fees for things that would be better served in someone else’s hands. Seeing the joy in someone receiving these items is a feeling like no other. 

Go ahead - give away those things.  Let those things breathe new life in someone else’s possession and turn that space into something memorable.  Perhaps a new playroom, she-shed, man cave or indoor garden!  

Wishing You Empowerment!



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